Workshop overview – News

VersionDate of releaseDescription
3.2.36/4/2024Bug fix for unattended clock-on
Added Slovak
3.2.25/14/2024Added quantity clock-on option
Added display of „Component“ from job-line when it’s not a manufactured component
Added ODBC connection to Semaco_data
Changed password verification method in settings
3.2.14/12/2024Added unattended clock-on option
Sorting manual reporting by the order of the given day
3.23/22/2024Migration of the application from .NET framework -> .NET core 8
Optimization of index loading
Added folder exceptions for display
Added to additional information whether users have the same password
Added check if non-production activity must be logged in the workplace, in case of error displays the reason
Added display of folders and files from the component
Connection to the web application Actual State
Added display of business and technical managers from the job-line
3.1.312/6/2023Added display and possible download of files and directories
3.1.212/1/2023Display of estimated time with a graph on the task
Clock-on non-quality tasks
3.1.111/1/2023Additional informations in settings
License overview
Total quantity (replaced quantity from the line)
3.110/16/2023Option to clock-on time on tasks
Multilingual version
3.0 Workshop available also from manual planning
2.0 Application core update and interface change
1.0 First version release